Hi, my name is Brian Halden and I am fascinated with chemical process development.  I have always been interested in improving reactions, increasing yields, decreasing side-products since finishing grad school.  I started my career, developing my analytical chemistry skills with a generic pharmaceutical company, Apotex.  I don’t regret having made this decision as it has been a skill set that I have developed.  I enjoy organic synthesis much more than my newly-developed analytical chemistry side.  I have worked in pharmaceuticals for close to 10 years and have utilized both my analytical and synthesis skills to help bring bench-top chemistry to the pilot plant and beyond.  I have been involved in the development of many different types of drugs, such as cancer, anti-viral & ophthalmic drugs.  I have worked for Codexis for a short while, a company that uses enzymes to assist with the manufacturing processes.  At that time, I worked on pharmaceuticals and in the area of biofuels.  I spent some time at the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization, performing analytical support for new radiopharmaceutical products.  Lastly, I provided analytical support for Health Canada for various health studies such as  MIREC (Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals) and for CARA (Clean Air Regulatory Agenda). I find that if you start with good analytical support (yourself or a team), you can solve many process-related issues.   I hope to present some interesting articles from academia that might be of interest to the professional in pharmaceuticals, biofuels or green chemistry.

While I have the time to peruse current chemical literature and am in transition (read: looking for work),  I will look for interesting articles and provide you with the references.

You can find me at ca.linkedin.com/in/bhalden

or e-mail me at developtheprocess@gmail.com


Any comments ?

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