Anyone for a spot of tea, anyone ? Pd@Al foil, tea-bag style catalyst

Hi Everyone, just spent a long time in the library, digging up some interesting references.  I came across this article and thought it would be really appropriate.  I was talking about palladium a few weeks ago and some ways to remove it from your final product.  I was browsing through Catalysis Science & Technology and came across this paper, Pd@aluminium foil: a highly efficient and environment-friendly ”tea bag” style catalyst with high TON, by Lei Yu et al, Cat. Sci. Technol., doi: 10.1039/c2cy20132a.
I have supplied you the DOI because this paper was just posted.  I am sure you can track it down.  If there is any way to add your catalyst and remove it easily as well as reuse it, I am very interested.  Although I had heard of using solid-support for palladium catalyst, it doesn’t get any easier in coating aluminum foil with palladium (II) acetate.  The authors describe coating a square centimeter of aluminum foil in a xylene solution of palladium acetate.  After rinsing with diionized water and alcohol, the catalyst was ready for use.  In fact, they were able to reuse the catalyst 10 times.  One thing the paper doesn’t mention is how much palladium is left on the aluminum foil, if there is any leaching of palladium in the materials.  All in all, if I knew about this 5 years ago, I would give it a try for kicks.  I will throw some Suzuki reaction results to whet your appetites for this paper.  By ICP-MS, they found that they had 49 μg of Pd on each Al foil.




These reactions were ran at mmol scale, R1 (0.5 mmol), R2 (0.75 mmol), 1 mmol K-carb and 3 mL ethanol.  It is small, but you have to start somewhere.  They were able to reuse the catalyst 10 times.  Pretty good.  I would like to see what other uses this catalyst might have but I am probably jumping the gun.  Anyways, a short post for this week.  I will try to fit in something more substantial soon.



Any comments ?

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