Biotechnology struggling in California. No kidding !!

Just a change in topic here.  I was perusing through the March 15th edition of Chemical and Engineering News and there was an article of interest on page 61.  “Uncertainty Grows in the Golden State”.  I have been quite fortunate in the last few years to have worked in California.  It has been a great experience.  “The employment outlook in California is, in one word, gloomy”, said Marinda Li Wu, co-founder of American Chemical Society California Section’s Career Assistance & Transition group.  58 % of California’s largest biomedical companies anticipate doing more R &D outside the state.  There is even legislation introduced to create a director of California biotechnology retention and recruitment in the governor’s office.  The last statement that says quite a bit is “As lawmakers, we need to ensure that California doesn’t become to biotechnology what Michigan has become to the auto industry”.  This certainly isn’t very uplifting news for those many job-seekers out there.


Any comments ?

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