Commodity Chemicals derived from Glycerol

I apologize for this, but it was brought to my attention, that the article mentioned in this post, was retracted for violating ethical guidelines of Chemical Reviews.   It has been my decision to retract any mention of it on this blog.  Stay tuned for further posts.


3 thoughts on “Commodity Chemicals derived from Glycerol

    • Hi Chris,

      That is wild. I never had that happen before. If they retracted it, maybe I should. I will check it out. Obviously, if it was available, people have copies. What good is it to retract ? I need to look at some current stuff so I will check it out. Thanks.



  1. I just quickly typed in uses of glycerol and have found a few references for the use of glycerol to supplement the blank space I left by retracting this article. Have a look.

    Converting glycerol to ethanol:

    Converting glycerol into a plastic

    Glycerol used to produce lactic acid:

    Using glycerol to help grow yeast:

    Chemoselective catalytic conversion of glycerol as a biorenewable source to valuable commodity chemicals

    Chem. Soc. Rev., 2008, 37, 527 – 549, DOI: 10.1039/b707343g

    Maybe this would be a better replacement article, I will check this out next time I am at the library.

    Here is another blog talking about the same sort of thing. Thanks for the suggestion, WordPress.

    And this one too:



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